Colt Blackthorn is a character in the Silver Blackthorn Trilogy. He is the younger brother of Silver Blackthorn.

Biography Edit

Colt is the younger brother of Silver. He was energetic when she returned from taking the Reckoning.

When the Cotton family came over to find out who the Offerings were, a tradition Colt and Eli played together before they went to their famillies to "join the rest of us in front o thee screen as we all huddle together". Later, after people had brought food for the family, Colt didn't "seem to know whether he should be happy or sad".

The next morning, Colt's mum woke him up and they ate breakfast, he acted "quiet, apparenty awestruck by the enormity of what is happening." Colt wouldn't let Silver skip any of her breakfast and silently threatened to tell their mum. Colt was happy for Silver to the "small glass jar" of "jam".

Before she got onto the train to leave, Silver told Colt "to be good" in her farewells to him and their mum.

Appearance Edit

Colt "has short brown hair cut into a bowl shape".