Imp Samuel Cotton is a character in the Silver Blackthorn Series. He is a resident of MartindaleSt George and one of Opie Cotton's brothers.

Biography Edit Edit

Imp is the youngest of Opie's brothers.

Reckoning Edit Edit

Imp, along with his brothers and parents, went to the Blackthorn home to find out who the Offerings were. They do this each year. Imp played "thumb wars" with Silver Blackthorn, and then "slapsies." Silver was chosen as an Offering.

When Silver left on the train, Imp was with Opie. To Silver, Imp "stares at me full of sadness".

Appearance Edit Edit

Imp, according to Silver, looks like his siblings. "Imp is the only one who differs slightly; his grin is more lopsided and his eyes are a different colour, though they all have the same distinctive mess of blonde hair and sense of adventure."