Jela is a character in the Silver Blackthorn Series. She was chosen as an Offering.

Biography Edit

Jela was friends with MuseAyowen, and Lola. Lola once ate a "tan fruit". Muse helped, knowing what was wrong as it had happened to him once when he ate the food.

Jela also had feelings for Ayowen, not minding that he pronounced her name wrong at first.

Reckoning Edit

Jela was categorized at the age of 16 as an Elite, the top category. She was picked as an Offering, and taken to Windsor Castle with other Offerings from the North.  

Jela eventually helps with the plan to flee from Windsor Castle, and is able to leave.  

Renegade Edit

Jela is loyal friend, and ends up helping Silver Blackthorn and a group of runaway Offerings. Some of the group splits off and stays at a hideout. Jela continues on a mission with Silver, Imrin, Hart, Pietra, and Faith.

Appearance Edit

Jela has "long, straight blonde hair and is naturally pretty, her high cheekbones framing large brown eyes that almost stare through you."

Trivia Edit

  • Jela has a stuffed animal.