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First Come from each Realm
Second Notable Offerings:

Silver Blackthorn

Third Elite, Member, Intermediate, and Trog
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Offerings are people randomely selected to go to Windsor Castle after they have taken the Reckoning. The public of St George believe it is mostly a good thing, but the Offerings are actually killed, hurt, or sent overseas where they mostly die.

The Realms Edit

According to Silver, "The King requires that each of the four Realms offer him four Elites- two boys and two girls - and two Members, one from each gender, every year as an Offering." "He only takes one Inter from each area and two Trogs in total, alternating between the districts."

The Families Of The Offerings Edit

According to Silver, "Your remaining family are showered with credits, rations, and gifts in exchange, but you never see them again".

The Purpose Edit

Offerings are taken to Windsor Castle and work different jobs inside the castle such as Tech worker or Kitchen worker. Sometimes the King had them fight eachother or kills them. If you survive twelve months, then you get a private dormitory, but you may still be killed by King Victor.

Jobs Edit

At Windsor Castle, the jobs that the Offerings are assigned is matched to them. The jobs are each supervised by at least one Head Kingsman, like Head Kingsman Porter. There are several job possibilities:

Kitcen Worker

They prepare the food and oragnize the food shipments that arrive at Windsor Castle.

Textile Worker

They work with textiles.

Tech Worker

They work with electrical devices like Thinkpads.

Barracks Worker


Known Offerings Edit

There have fifteen total Offerings based on the Reckoning, and an extra that wasn't based on the Reckoing. 480 total people have been chosen as Offerings from those 16. Only around sixty are still alive, with about twelve of them escaped from Windsor Castle prior to the 16th Offering, and 29 during the 16th Offering. The 16th Offering is mostly unknown, except that the age started from 10, and it did not directly use the Reckoning.

  • Silver Blackthorn (escaped)
  • Pietra Lewis (escaped)
  • Lumin Barrow (most likely deceased)
  • Imrin Kapoor (escaped)
  • Bryony Gaitlin (escaped)
  • Rush (most likely deceased)
  • Frank (escaped)
  • Wray (deceased)
  • Faith (escaped; deceased)
  • Mira
  • Hari
  • Jela (escaped)
  • Hart (escaped)
  • Knave (escaped)
  • Colt Blackthorn (did not show up)
  • Georgie (was teleported)

The Offerings Edit

Tenth Offering Edit

  • Mira

Eleventh Offering Edit

  • Hari
  • Knave

Thirteenth Offering Edit

  • Lumin Barrow
  • Hart

Fourteenth Offering Edit

  • Unnamed Tech Worker
  • Unnamed Tech Worker

Fifteenth Offering Edit

  • Silver Blackthorn
  • Faith
  • Rush
  • Wray
  • Imrin Kapoor
  • Bryony Gaitlin
  • Pietra Lewis
  • Frank

Sixteenth Offering Edit

  • Colt Blackthorn
  • Georgie