Opie Cotton is a character in the Silver Blackthorn Series. He is a resident of Martindale, St George and best friends with Silver Blackthorn.

Biography Edit

Opie has been friends with Silver since a young age. The two of them would go to the gully.

Before Opie took the Reckoning, his mum, Iris Cotton, "won a basket of food on he lottery a couple of years ago." She shared what was left of the basket with the Blackthorn family, giving Silver "a jar of jam".

Reckoning Edit

Before Opie took the Reckoning, he was afraid he would be categorized as a Trog. He was categorized as an Inter. He went with his family to the Blackthorn home to see who as chosen as an Offering. Silver was chosen as an Offering.

When Silver went on the train to leave, Opie was with Imp outside of the train. Silver was allowed to see someone before she left and she chose Opie.