Rush was a character in the Silver Blackthorn Trilogy. He was chosen as an Offering.

Biography Edit

Rush met Silver Blackthorn on the train to Windsor Castle. On the train, he stayed with the other Elites which included Jela and Pietra Lewis. On the train, he invited Silver to talk with them, but she refused, sitting with Wray, a Trog. Rush bullied Wray until Silver attacked him.

At the castle, Rush ended up volunteering to for a competition during a "banquet" when the Offerings had to send up four people, one from each Realm. The competition was a "battle" with swordfighting. Rush ended up winning and won "a private breakfast with (King Victor)" the next day for everyone from the North. At the breakfast, the King spoke to Rush most of the time.

At another competition, Pietra and Silver were selected randomely and had to "hit each other". Silver thought Rush looked like he was "praying." When Pietra did not punch Silver's head heard enough, the King made Rush punch Silver as an example. According to Jela, "(Rush) sort looked over towards us and said something but I could't hear it. And then he just hit you and you went down." Rush was worried about Silver and stayed by her and "called for help." Imrin Kapoor later told Silver that 'Rush was really upset" and "he was saying he should have refused." Rush thought "it was wrong."