St George, which is "England and Wales divided into the Realms we know." It is the place where the Silver Blackthorn Trilogy takes place.

History of St George Edit

"Twenty-five years ago, the oil ran out. It had been a gradual process with nations around the world panicking and then countries declaring war on each other. For most, it was quick and brutal with nuclear weapons destroying much of the Middle East. For us, there was civil war with the starving lower classes - the rebels - fighting against the ruling upper classes - the nationalists."

"Millions died ass armies loyal to the ruling nationalists battled the lower classes over eight long years."

According to Mrs Blackthorn, "The war had gone on for so long that no one knew if it was ever going to end. Almost all of the men had gone to fight - some of the younger, fitter women went too. As as the boy turned fourteen, they went as well. Everyone else had to help."

".. the rebels moved out anyone they considered useful, bringing us up here to the lakes where they thought the nationalists wouldn't think about targeting anyone."

"(King Victor) stood up to both sides, uniting the country behind him by proiding another way that didn't involve fighting."

"After the war ended, everyone was so confused," - "There was a small community of us refugees around here and we didn't know where we should be going. The cities were damaged quite badly and then everyone was divided into the Realms we have now. At first we were worried about being in someone else's house but there were so few people that we could choose between staying here and returning to the city. Everyone was given somewhere to live relative to their needs."

King Victor also came up "the thinkwatches which help us live our daily lies and the cross-country trains which are the main way of transporting people and goods."

At the time of the fifteenth Offering, "Twenty-five years ago, this country was destroyed by selfishness, incompetence, and lies. Eight years on, King Victor united this nation in peace".

The Realms Edit

There are Realms named the North, South, East, and West. They each have different levels of wealth.

North Edit

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One of the towns there is called Martindale. According to Silver Blackthorn, "In the North we produce textiles and electronics." It also has nature that is alive.

South Edit

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"The South deals with finance, international trade and future research." It is seemingly the wealthiest Realm.

East and West Edit

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"The East and the West farm their lands, providing food for us. In the East they also fish, while the West is also responsible for defence."