Wray was a character in the Silver Blackthorn Series. He was chosen as an Offering.

Biography Edit

Wray lived in the North, in a "city, where he and his mother live in a partially rebult tower block." His mother was recently handicappped and cannot use her legs. Wray helps her. He doens't go to school anymore. He left his mother in the care of his sister, who is not as old as him, and "is sad and worried to be leaving". However, "his mum told him the previous evening that his selection was the proudes moment of her life."

Wray waas chosen as an Offering and befriended Silver Blackthorn on the train. When Rush bullied him, Silver stood up for Wray.

During the first "banquet", Wray enjoyed the food. Near the end of the meal, when the Minister Prime was speaking, Wray accidentally "knocked his goblet onto the floor". He apolgized. King Victor went to the table where the Offerings were eating and stabbed Wray, killing him.